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The revolution begins


Pioneering Gaming Evolution with AI, Dynamic NFTs, and Blockchain.

EnginAI is more than just a gaming platform. It's a dynamic and groundbreaking ecosystem interweaving the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and Blockchain Technology, all conveniently accessible via our SDK, compatible with popular game engines like Unity and Unreal. In this ecosystem, each player is granted a unique AI model that evolves, mirrors, and learns from their particular gameplay strategies. The progression of this AI is then crystallized into NFTs, capturing the player's strategic decisions, victories, and overall gaming expertise.

The overarching innovation of EnginAI extends far beyond the initial sale of your AI NFT. In fact, it lies in the AI's continuous learning mechanism post the initial sale. When an AI NFT is sold, the new owner isn't merely taking over, instead, the AI continues to adapt and grow according to the new owner's gaming strategies, initiating a continuous cycle of growth, sale, and rejuvenation. The AI NFTs aren't static in value, they are fluid and dynamic, moulded by the gaming strategies of each succeeding owner. They're a digital asset constantly evolving, as adaptable and diverse as the players themselves.

Welcome to the World of Player-Trained AI-Model NFTs.

Benefits and Features

We've also reimagined how to measure success. Our leaderboards extend beyond traditional player performance rankings. Instead, we showcase the most developed and valuable AI NFTs in our gaming ecosystem. These are not just hidden lines of code, but shining stars, their performance metrics displayed transparently for all to observe their evolution.


Our platform fuels an active marketplace for these AI NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. This unique feature allows players not only to monetize their gaming skills by selling their well-trained AI NFTs but also provides an opportunity for buyers to continue growing their newly purchased AI NFTs. The evolution of these AIs is never ceasing - under each new owner's stewardship, every AI NFT can rise to greater heights or experience the challenges of the gaming terrain.

But there's even more. Our platform includes a unique token system, offering numerous advantages to holders. As a token holder, you will unlock diverse premium features and capabilities, providing an elevated gaming experience. Depending on the number of tokens you hold, you'll gain access to various tier levels, each coming with its exclusive benefits. These can include early access to new games, unique AI training algorithms, priority in customer service, and more. With our token system, you can not only enrich your gaming experience but also become a part of a close-knit community that shapes the future of EnginAI.

Furthermore, our platform is enhanced with a unique token system that paves the way for broader experiences and privileges. As a token holder, you unlock various premium features and capabilities across three tiers - Basic, Pro, and Master. Each tier comes with its unique set of benefits, enriching your gaming experience and fostering a much closer connection with our growing community. While the 'Basic' tier offers standard features, upgrading to 'Pro' and 'Master' levels unlocks increasingly exclusive capabilities. The detailed benefits of each tier are comprehensively outlined further on this page. With our token system, you get more than a gaming experience; you become an integral part of the future of EnginAI.

Through EnginAI, you engage with an evolving ecosystem, harness the power of AI, and continually generate and trade tangible assets. Your skills aren't just recognized - they're rewarded. Welcome to a journey where every game is a stepping-stone to the future - welcome to EnginAI.

Ecosystem Sustainability in Our Gaming Platform

The Creation: We've established a circumscribed issuance of 1,000,000,000 tokens, constituting a valuable and finite monetary reserve within our system.
Liquidity Pool: Our system maintains a dedicated liquidity pool on a decentralized exchange platform, ensuring an easily accessible marketplace for the buying and selling of our tokens.

Token-Based Tiers: As a token holder in our system, you gain access to various tier levels of Basic, Pro, and Master. Each tier level, unlocked by a certain number of tokens, provides its unique set of benefits - offering a variety of paths to enrich your gaming experience.

Rewarded Staking: We provide an opportunity for our token holders to stake their assets. The APY of our staking goes through frequent adjustments upwards or downwards to balance the market, promoting long-term holding and contributing to the overall stability of our ecosystem.

SDK Integration: We offer versatile SDKs compatible with popular game engines such as Unity and Unreal, which further broadens our ecosystem's accessibility and usability.

In-Game Transaction Fees: We charge a minor fee on each transaction completed within the in-game market. These fees get reinvested into the ecosystem, fueling the liquidity pool and enabling a self-sustaining structure.

Buyback and Re-injection: We dedicate 30% of monthly SDK fees paid by developers for buying back tokens. The acquired tokens enter a 'Rebalance Reserve', from which funds are either injected into the stake rewards or used as community incentives, catering to the increasing demand and ensuring the long-term sustainability of our ecosystem.

In-Game Marketplace: Players can leverage their tokens to buy skins and avatars, either produced by fellow players or our founding team. Additionally, they can purchase Trained AI Models NFTs in the in-game shop. Uploading new skins or avatars onto the platform also incurs a token-paid fee. Such measures encourage the practical use and stimulate the demand for our tokens.

In-Game Rewards: Players can win tokens by achieving objectives on our platform, enhancing engagement and inflating the demand for our tokens.

Developers gain access to our services by paying a monthly fee in fiat (traditional currency). However, they enjoy discounts on these fees if they hold our tokens, encouraging further purchasing and retention of our tokens.

ENAI Tokenomics

Our platform offers the ENAI token, exclusively available on the Ethereum blockchain at the moment, with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. We plan to expand availability to other blockchains in the future. The distribution is as follows:

  • Liquidity Pool: (250,000,000 tokens - 25%)
  • Staking and Rewards: (200,000,000 tokens - 20%)
  • Community Incentives and In-Game Rewards: (100,000,000 tokens - 10%)
  • Team & Founders: (100,000,000 tokens - 10%)
  • Advisors: (50,000,000 tokens - 5%)
  • Partnerships: (50,000,000 tokens - 5%)
  • Marketing: (150,000,000 tokens - 15%)
  • Reserves: (100,000,000 tokens - 10%)
  • Rebalance Reserve: Initially 0%, to be filled with In-games market fees and buybacks for redistribution to staking rewards and community incentives.
  • Contract address : 0x515d23C3656C542A0309fD62e9106b328928A748

  • Supply and demand

    The demand for our tokens is fueled by their multifaceted role: developers can gain discounts when holding and transacting with our tokens; players need them for purchasing goods and uploading content in the in-game marketplace; and they can be earned as rewards in our gaming platform. In response to this bustling demand, our finite total token issuance of 1 billion, fortified by a proportion of transaction fees reinvested into the liquidity pool, ensures a scarce and valuable supply.

    Stabilizing mechanisms, such as a Buyback and Re-injection protocol using 30% of developer fees and a Rewarded Staking system for token holders, are put into place to balance the market dynamics.

    Our system anticipates a consistently strong demand for tokens, engendered by our strategies. The limited supply of tokens, the return of transaction fees into the liquidity pool, and mechanisms aimed at maintaining token value set the stage for natural appreciation over time. Our system upholds a continuous interplay of supply and demand, facilitating sustainable growth and value for all stakeholders.

Benefits for early adopters

Choosing to support EnginAI early brings a host of advantages. Not only will you benefit from an impressive 25% APY on staked tokens, but you will also gain exclusive access to beta features before they are rolled out to the broader community. We define an early adopter as someone who has a minimum of 20k tokens staked at the time of snapshot. This snapshot, announced 15 days prior, will serve as a cutoff for early adopter status. We are committed to continuously enrich the offerings for our early adopters, creating a robust and engaged community. Don't miss any updates or opportunities, subscribe to our newsletter today for important announcements and more.






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With our unique blend of AI, NFT and blockchain technologies, we aim to become a leader in the gaming development field, providing an enhanced gaming experience, a secure environment, and efficient development tools.

Prepare yourself to embark on thrilling adventures. Engage in strategic battles and explore captivating narratives, all enriched by the seamless integration of artificial intelligence. Join us in this thrilling journey where AI and gaming combine to raise the art of play to unprecedented heights. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world where the future of gaming unfolds before your eyes.

Scroll further down the page to find detailed information about the advantages of different tier levels available based on the number of tokens held.Take note that the functionalities mentioned underneath will be available once our SDKs are in a stable release. In the meanwhile, users have the opportunity to stake the ENAI token.

Our platform currently offers an outstanding 25% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) on ENAI staking. However, please note that this is a progressive offer. As the adoption increases, we will gradually review and adjust our API rates downwards.
This early stage provides a unique opportunity to earn substantial benefits while fostering the growth and advancement of our blockchain gaming platform. We strongly encourage you to take full advantage of this offering while it's available. Enjoy the substantial returns now, as the APY will adjust to accommodate the broader features in the near future.

In-game token utility


  • Player-attributed, evolutive AI-model NFT (one per game)
  • Conversion of 2D pictures to 3D customized avatar NFTs via picture upload
  • Basic game strategy analytics and improvement recommendations
  • Access to player AI-model leaderboard
  • Access to in-game NFT analytics
  • Access to AI-model, avatar, and skin NFT marketplace


ENAI tokens
Everything in Basic +
  • Personal AI-model's ability to play the game on behalf of the player (limited to 3 hours per week)
  • Conversion of 2D pictures to 3D customized skin NFTs via picture upload
  • Advanced game strategy analytics and improvement recommendations
  • Possibility to enable in-game AI assistant
  • Automatic detection and reporting of cheating players


ENAI tokens
Everything in Pro +
  • Ability to create, switch, and train multiple skill-based AI-model NFTs
  • AI-model's ability to play the game fully on behalf of the player (unlimited time)
  • Smart game strategy development and implementation with backtesting
  • Access to master-tier in-game AI assistant (high level of customization)
  • AI game performance overview with in-depth analysis